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A Solution to Help PR Agencies Deliver Better Value

Successful PR agencies deal every day with communications campaigns, reputation management activities, and media relations calls on behalf of their clients. It’s a pressure-filled job to keep your staff, stakeholders, and suppliers organized while delivering excellent client results on time and on budget.

MediaVantage aligns PR agency teams in a secure online setting where they can engage with clients, monitor media in real time, and assemble effective analytics and accurate reports to strategically control their clients’ reputation management goals.

MediaVantage’s features deliver cost- and time-saving benefits to PR agencies through:

  • Single-platform navigation - From one platform, plan and deploy reputation and issues. Manage strategies, control crises, implement marketing and media relations campaigns, and monitor news coverage.
  • Detailed reporting and analysis - Measure and prepare reports based on real-time media coverage.
  • No-fee per returned monitoring clip - save time and research costs, align PR teams for greater efficiency, and leverage MediaVantage’s no-fee per returned monitoring clip standard. 

Learn more about the MediaVantage reputation management solution and what it can do for your PR agency.