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Media Monitoring


News breaks instantly on the web. To make the most of opportunities and to control emerging issues with speed and grace, today's PR professionals need to have their ear to the ground 24/7. Today's complex, fast-paced media environment is challenging - conversations develop quickly and go viral in an instant.

The MediaVantage solution meets that challenge simply and elegantly, with immediate and cost-effective results.

On-demand media monitoring, automated tonality for online content, clip book wizards and robust reporting capabilities work together to give you a powerful tool that provides real-time insight into corporate reputation, market trends and competitive activities.

Monitor TV, print, online news, social media and RSS feeds - all in one place

Streamline your PR activities using a powerful search engine to monitor all forms of media and pull search results into one central application.

Unlimited searching

Take advantage of on-demand searching, with no restrictions on the number of search terms or the volume of results returned.

Media monitoring…simplified
MediaVantage’s monitoring interface lets you view and process up to 50 articles on one screen, giving you easier and faster analysis of your search results.

Consumer-generated media and social media coverage

Search media content that is most relevant to you, including editorially selected and ranked blogs, user-requested RSS feeds and Twitter handles.

Real-time alerts and daily monitoring reports

Breaking news is delivered to your email inbox. Or receive it as email alerts on your desktop or smartphone.

Automated tonality scores for Internet news and social media content

See at a glance whether coverage is positive, neutral or negative, and with our integrated reporting features, you can easily analyze the tone trend over time.

Comprehensive News Coverage

MediaVantage monitors traditional print and broadcast television, as well as online news and social media, including blogs, comments, microblogs, forums, review sites, social networks and social photo and video. MediaVantage integrates all coverage into one portal, providing media-monitoring efficiencies not possible with any other application.

MediaVantage offers an easy-to-use search interface that lets you quickly find and review media clips and then discard, scan, read, or save the clips for inclusion in your daily clip book and collaborative workspace.

MediaVantage's comprehensive media content coverage includes:


Broadcast TV

Within minutes of broadcast, MediaVantage delivers streaming video content directly to your desktop. Duplicate and syndicated news clips are reconciled and multiple minute clips can be joined together to streamline viewing. With no fees per clip for viewing your coverage, MediaVantage lets you monitor your reputation cost effectively.

Print Media

MediaVantage monitors leading newspapers, business magazines and newswires from around the world. North American print media coverage is comprehensive, andincludes each of the largest daily newspapers. MediaVantage also includes abstracts and full-text records from the world's leading:

  • national and international business newspapers
  • industry newsletters
  • local newspapers
  • corporate news releases
  • regional business publications 
  • trade, business and scholastic journals

Internet News

Access media-monitoring results from thousands of online news and information sources collected in real-time across the globe, in multiple languages. Breaking news coverage is available within minutes of publication. Online news content is collected from an expansive list of sources, including:

  • premium international and regional publications
  • corporate and government press pages
  • industry trade journals
  • focused niche publications

Social Media

Monitoring consumer-generated media is critical to staying on top of your reputation. MediaVantage offers comprehensive social media coverage—and new resources are added constantly. Submit the Twitter handles and RSS feeds you’re interested in to ensure you cover all your relevant content without being overwhelmed by the volume of irrelevant conversations. Consumer-generated content is available from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • blogs
  • comments
  • microblogs (e.g. Twitter)
  • social-networking sites (e.g. Facebook)
  • social-photo sites (e.g. Flickr)
  • social-video sites (e.g. YouTube)
  • forums
  • review sites



Powerful Search Engine

MediaVantage lets you control your own search terms, make ad hoc queries and run ongoing saved searches to monitor and act upon news coverage and opinions that impact your corporate reputation, products and PR campaigns. The powerful MediaVantage search engine can also be used to gather business intelligence on your competitors and your industry, and analyze related media coverage.

MediaVantage's powerful media monitoring search engine includes:

Real-time searches and results

Saved search terms run continuously, pulling in the most recent media coverage as it happens. Ad hoc searches can be implemented on the fly, so you can keep on top of new conversations with no delays.

Unlimited search terms

MediaVantage has no restriction on the number of saved or ad hoc search terms you run, giving you the freedom to add or modify your search terms as relevant issues arise.

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts of news coverage and media mentions by email to your desktop or to your smartphone.


Keep search terms and queries confidential from other users to conduct private research and monitoring activities when you need to.

Gauging the tonality of what’s being said about your brand is critical to managing your messages, campaigns and corporate reputation. MediaVantage’s Automated Sentiment Analysis (autotoning) scores and labels your search results—from very positive to very negative. Content filters let you present results by desired tone, and the integrated reporting feature lets you easily analyze the tone trend over time.


Tonality of content is scored and labeled, from positive to negative.


Filter your results to focus on positive, negative or neutral articles.


Integrated reporting makes analysis of tone trend over time a quick and easy task.


Clip Book Publisher

MediaVantage lets you consolidate all of your TV, print, Internet and social-media news coverage by issue into an online version of the traditional print clip book. The book is easy to prepare and share with company executives, spokespeople and other stakeholders, MediaVantage clip books offer productivity efficiencies measured in hours per day for most large organizations.

MediaVantage clip books reflect up-to-the-minute news coverage and let you produce, publish and distribute important news coverage quickly and efficiently.

MediaVantage simplifies clip book production through:

Integrated notes and commentary

Incorporate your own summaries and commentary to provide perspective or set out action plans tied directly to specific media content.

Flexible formats

Produce clip books and publish to recipients online or through email in PDF, Microsoft Word or XML formats.

Issue-specific production

Consolidate your media coverage by campaign or issue, or publish clip books based on news coverage about a specific brand, PR campaign,competitor or market trend.

Real-time alerts of new clip books

Notify key stakeholders that a new clip book has beenpublished online for their immediate review.